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At Legacy Song, we aim to make musical dreams a reality. Our platform unites the creative flair of performing artists with the financial backing of passionate songwriters. But before you join our ever-growing family, it's essential to know what's expected.


What Committing to Legacy Song Means

Dedication and Drive

If you're selected, be prepared to dive into the world of professional music. This means studio recording sessions, promotional appearances, and more. The good news? Your investor songwriter will cover all related expenses.

One Year of Opportunity

After you've submitted your profile, it remains active for a full year. This gives ample time for potential investor songwriters to discover and invest in your talent.

A New Song to Sing

Our platform thrives on collaboration. This means you'll be voicing another artist's lyrical vision. If the idea of singing someone else's song doesn't resonate with you, Legacy Song might not be the right fit.

Managing Expectations

The road to stardom is challenging. While we see an abundance of talent, not every performing artist on our platform is selected by an investor songwriter. It's vital to stay optimistic yet realistic.

A Serious Endeavor

We're searching for artists who are serious about their careers. If you have a burning desire to break through, to captivate audiences and leave a lasting legacy, then you're in the right place.

Ready to Begin?

Taking this step could be the catalyst that transforms your musical aspirations into chart-topping reality. If you're committed, serious, and ready for the journey, we're here to help pave the way. Please note, there is a $99 profile activation fee. If you are not confident enough to invest $99 in yourself, the Investor Songwriters can't (and shouldn't) be confident to invest $50,000+ into you! 

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