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Legacy Song

Connecting Investor Songwriters with talented Performing Artists

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Unearth your potential. Be the next chart-topping hit. At Legacy Song, we unite talented performing artists (singers/bands) with passionate non-performing songwriters who will invest their capital to break barriers and set stages on fire!

Our Vision

In a world where talent often goes unnoticed due to lack of funding, and passion remains confined to paper, we've paved a unique path. Legacy Song is not just a platform – it's a dream-factory for both emerging artists and non-performing songwriters with investment capital to deploy.

Artist Performing on Stage
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We Believe

Every song deserves its moment in the spotlight.

Every artist deserves a chance to shine.

Every songwriter deserves to hear their creation come to life.

Bridging Two Worlds Together

Sheet Music
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For Performing Artists

Showcase your talent and find the perfect songwriter/investor that resonates with your style. Get a chance to collaborate with songwriters who believe in your potential and are willing to invest money in your dream.

For Investor Songwriters

Find a voice for your songs. Partner with artists who match your vision and fund their rise to stardom. Enjoy the exhilaration of having your song played on major platforms, radio, television and become the next big songwriting hit.

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Unlock Unparalleled Opportunities

Image by Daniel Chekalov

Broaden your fanbase, gain recognition, and catch the eye of major labels by having a chart hit, sponsored by a generous songwriter.

Image by Soundtrap

Fulfill your lifelong dream of penning a chart-topper, have the bragging rights of a hitmaker and unlock more opportunities through your new songwriting success.


Celebrating Our Shared Triumphs

At Legacy Song, we're not just about connecting talent with opportunity. We’re about creating lasting success stories in the world of music.

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