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Investor Songwriter Signup


Ignite a Musical Revolution

Join Legacy Song as an Investor Songwriter

Legacy Song stands at the intersection of passion and opportunity, uniting budding performing artists with visionary investor songwriters like yourself. As you contemplate embarking on this musical journey with us, it’s essential to fully grasp our philosophy and commitments.

The Legacy Song Commitment for Investor Songwriters

Anonymity is Our Priority

Your identity remains closely guarded, disclosed only to the performing artists you choose to back. We prize your privacy, ensuring your passion and persona harmoniously coexist.

Investing Beyond Finances

At Legacy Song, the journey begins with a dedicated investment of $50,000 per song. See this not merely as a monetary commitment, but as the spark that ignites the dreams of talented artists and manifests your lyrical vision.

Reap the Rewards of Your Investment

As the songwriter, you naturally earn the songwriting royalties from your creation. This ensures that while you fuel the dreams of performing artists, your creative genius is also rightfully compensated.

Collaboration at its Core

The magic of our platform lies in collaboration. As an investor songwriter, you have the unique privilege to have your song rendered alive by our dedicated artists. It's where melodies and voices intertwine to create musical masterpieces.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

From marketing nuances to strategic promotion, we've got your back. With our deep-rooted industry expertise, we'll guide every step, ensuring your song garners the audience it deserves.

Please note, account approvals can take up to 14 days. 

Ready to Script Musical History?

Join our mission, where your songwriting aspirations could birth the next chart sensation. If you're poised to invest, collaborate, and revel in musical triumphs, Legacy Song extends a warm invitation.

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