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For Investor Songwriters

Powering Chart Hits with You

Turn your passion for music into tangible success. Partner with phenomenal performing artists and help chart the next big hit, all while leaving a lasting legacy in the world of music


Your Partnership with Legacy Song

What You Need to Know

Anonymity Guaranteed

Your privacy is paramount. With Legacy Song, your identity remains confidential, only disclosed to the performing artists you personally reach out to and are under a strict NDA. Your creative venture remains discreet and nobody knows that you "bought" your chart success.


Joining Legacy Song

For a one time fee of $1,000, step into a world where music meets investment opportunities. Unearth unique talents and pair your resources with their potential.


Ready to Invest in Success?

Be prepared to invest a minimum of $50,000 per chart placement. Your investment is a commitment to outstanding talent and the promise of chart-topping success.


Your Song, Their Voice

As an investor songwriter, you have the right to demand that the chosen performing artist records your song. Witness your creative vision come to life through another's talent and storm the Billboard Top 100.

Leave the Technicalities to Us

No experience in music promotion? No worries. Legacy Song takes the reins, connecting you and your chosen performing artist to every necessary resource. With step-by-step guidance, we ensure your song's path to success is well-paved.


Opt for Managed Services

For those who prefer a hands-off approach, Legacy Song provides a managed service. With a minimum investment of $75,000, enjoy a completely seamless experience. Plus, we guarantee a top 100 Billboard chart position. That's the Legacy promise.


Safe and Direct Transactions

Your investment is always in your hands. Never will you pay the artist directly. Your funds go straight to the required services, ensuring the ascent of your song to the charts.



To become an investor songwriter, you must either earn a minimum of $200,000 annually or boast a net worth (excluding primary residence) of at least $1,000,000. For transparency and trust, we require proof of qualification.

Artist Performing on Stage

Create a Legacy with Your Song

Music shapes moments, memories, and milestones. With Legacy Song, etch your creative stamp on history. Dive into an unparalleled partnership where talent meets opportunity, and passion meets success.

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